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Wonderful Weirdness from Memphis, TN
Comedian Charley McMullen

Described by critics as everything from “brilliantly detached” to “playfully obscene”,¬†Charley¬†McMullen is a comedian who reminds us why we go to comedy shows.
After nearly a decade of doing stand up comedy, McMullen has earned the reputation of a “comic’s comic” who can not only make you laugh, but also teach you why you’re laughing. More surprisingly, he’s also known as one of the most savage roast comedians in the country; a legend evidenced by his unprecedented 6 championship titles in “You Look Like”- Memphis, TN’s infamous roast battle comedy show.

Upcoming Show

North Carolina Comedy Festival, 2018, presented by the Idiot Box Comedy Club. Charley McMullen appearing as a Featured Performer for an entire weekend of comedy in Greensboro, North Carolina.


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